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Sinks in [Jan. 13th, 2013|03:49 am]

It's late now and this is gna be a wordy post.
I'm suddenly glad that I didn't choose to work straight aft poly graduation. I was hell determined that I was ready for the work force. Ready for the society. Ready to work my ass off and climb up the career ladder, albeit slowly without a degree. Ready to let go of those fun hangouts with friends.
Now, I'm studying 2 days & working 3 days every week and just thinking about the 3days work weekly now is one kind of a burden. Working for the money to support myself only. The enjoyment I get and time I have for myself is during the non-schooling days. Times when I can still hang out w friends and have much more time seem so precious and I'm so so glad I did't give that up 9months ago.
Can't imagine the fun I'll miss and the non-stress times (other than studies).
When I was at the cross road after graduation, my aunt (I would consider her more of a friend than aunt actually, but respect wise) told me that I shouldn't start working yet at a young age and I can still further my studies. Because aft we finish our education, we will live half a lifetime or the rest of our lives working our asses off and so we'll have plenty of opportunites in the future to explore in the working society still. We should still have as much fun (plus studies) as we can get while we're still young till the adult world really ties us down. I can agree to this so much now.
When we really graduate from uni, it will really be another world alr. And it scares me abit now. To think of the separation. The career ladder. The young times I'll miss.


Speaking like an old lady. But when thoughts of the future really sinks in on those quiet nights. I can feel the scare and mixed feelings..

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Xmas at Ehub [Dec. 29th, 2012|11:48 pm]

Met Jeremy today (usual plan for saturdays) and we caught Chinese Zodiac 12 by Jackie Chan at Ehub.
The movie is really worth the watch for all the thrilling actions and the exposure to some antiques.


Some of the xmas decor at ehub.

Haven been going for my usual hair treatments and thus my messy hair :(

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Casa verde [Dec. 26th, 2012|11:44 pm]
[Current Location |Singapore, Eunos]

Late lunch with the girls at the botanical garden Casa Verde. I thought it was a more stylo cafe with beautiful vintage interiors, although it disappointed a little but the food's still fine.

I'll always order Earl Grey tea wherever I dine at now and thus far, the best tea I've had was at EWF :)

Aglio olio! Ordered to share this with the girls.
Prefer diced garlic to sliced one.

Teriyaki chicken burger.

Satisfied & filling lunch on my part!

How can you not take some photos in the beautiful nature of Botanical garden? :)

Julia haha. The man is CHOPIN!


Super love this photo and the sunflower xmas tree. They have lots of xmas tree decorated by different individuals/orgs/country along the walk path.

Spot the squirrel.


It was a long but enjoyable to and fro the mrt and the cafes. :)

Need to rest my legs plenty today from the walking and to get enough rest to chiong work tmr in office.

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Photo-words [Dec. 26th, 2012|01:54 am]
[Current Location |Singapore, Ulu Bedok, Chai Chee Estate]

Before Jeremy enlisted on 28/10/2012.

All time favourite!! The pork nvr fails to lift me up ^^

Photo together at Orchard central. Love their lightings and The Central's :)

Dinner at a restaurant in clarke quay. (only photo of me)

Round boy.

Lika cool side shave.



And tadaaaaa, BOTAK.

Enlisting day.

In the ferry.



Walkway into tekong.

Brief summary of their ammunitions.

Oath taking. The part when they say their full name and IC all together made me laugh haha.

EATING TIME! What their normal meals would look like. But i think the malay food looks nicer :/

And then to bid them farewell aft the meal.

I held my tears in and didn't cry it out although I did cry the few days before he enlist. I just feel a little embarrassed to cry it out cuz he'll have to go and I probably can't resist my tears from pouring and I dont it'll stop shortly so it'll be his mum and dad who has to comfort me. Just don't cry better for me.

And if you've watched Ah Boys to Men, all the process is exactly the same as in the movie. So yea aft that, I lead a no-jeremy-life. Missed him much for the first few days but aft that everything just dies down and become normal, getting used to it and not too good too..

Watched Danzation which was a blast and all the junior dancers now are all so pro. Alot of kids are dancing from at a young age now and they are superb. OLD ME.

Got a hair cut and met clarence, mark ad lizzy.
& meeting the girls.

& mich's.

Jeremy's first book out.
Different skin tone and yes! he did slim down :)

Comparison of our legs... he is a GIANT.

Sis 17th bday and photo w my cousins 10/10 ^^v

Early xmas meetup with clarence, mark, gabby, ryan, jessk, dewi and jon!
Got Nature Valley snack bars for them for a healthy xmas and since NS supports good diets?
Hand cream from gabby for the girls, TY MUCH^^

Folded heart boxes origami for the jazz funk course peeps with chocs in it :) satisfied with the boxes and I love it too!

Early xmas dinner with family.
Mummy and pa!

3 of us, another sis was working on that du so can't have dinner with us.

Small flame platter. I love the prawns and the rice!

As usual, wherever I eat at, I only eat aglio olio haha!

Feesh n cheese.

Xmas eve with Jeremy.
OOTD. Love the dress and its material! I feel like a super model wearing it and watch the tail flow behind me when I strut ^^ but I'm selling it away, contact me if u want!

Had lunch at Ippudo!


Their soup base is super super niceeeee! I understand the craze now and we queued for 20 to 30mins!

Not a very nice shot tgt :( jeremy dont like tking photos pfft..

Met the girls at night for dinner and countdown!
Got mich's gift exchange// jake got us santa hats!// Mich's gloves for everybody ^^

What mich got for xmas exchange:
TUMBLR. I like the paper design!

KJ wrote everyone a card ^^ so sweet and the cards are all hand-drawn by her!

My mains. No surprise haha!


Lots more nicer photos from kj, cx and jake's cam on fb! Here's some of my favs from jake's cam. Waiting for kj and cx to upload!

Went to the toilet.. Water stains on my dress not dried yet..
But still, see my pretty pretty dressss~ ^^

My own camho before we leave the place!

The night was so CRAZEEEE and I had so much fun with them, LOADS OF LOVE!

Met chioulooi for lunch at sukiya on xmas!

Can't wait for new year!!!!

P/s: it's actually the UOL two weeks break now but how to study with these feative occasions?!

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Stockings/Random [Oct. 16th, 2012|10:14 pm]
[Current Location |Singapore, Ulu Bedok, Chai Chee Estate]

Short trip to Smoochiez showroom.

Smile I said.



And more stockings love.


Back to office formal tmr.

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Give me food [Oct. 16th, 2012|04:05 am]
[Current Location |Singapore, Kampong Pachitan, Kampong Eunos]

Met the girls for a dinner tonight! Now that we're dispersed to NTU and SIM, everybody's busy with schoolwork and we're finally settled on a date to have dinz together :)

Pondered alot on where to dine in. Wanted to eat Watami at first cuz it looks super yums and sumptuous but it's going at special set for 2 @ $59. Too pricey for me now and for the rest too. Will try it with Jeremy some time :)

So we dined at pique nique at Jcube! Spoilt for choices.

White Wine Prawn Aglio Olio $18. With lots of lots of prawn, good worth.

Headed to MIYOC and I must say the outlet at Jcube houses alot of blogshops stuffs with a big shop area.
A little regret on not getting the yellow skirt I tried.
Jesst & I forgot about the top at Shana when we head home too.

Chanced upon an ice hockey training going on at the ice rink.
Would love to just grab some bites and sit at the audience seats watching them train.
Cool ice skates.

Had desserts at Nana Green Tea cafe.
Was really looking forward to try their crepes but it was pretty late when we reached cuz they were 20mins into closing and crepes were not available already.
Still, we shared a Matcha Parfait Which is soooo Matcha yummms!
Love for green tea delicacies sprouts at this moment.

Simple sweet matcha bliss.

And of course, a group shot to end the night :)

Changed another iphone cover to use:

And one more doggy sticker added to my 'DIY screen protector' cuz cx bought some stickers today.

Contemplating whether to get this pair of dip dyed shoes from Sugarandspiced.
Priced at $24.90. Reasonable it seems hmmms.

Study plan failed during the weekends. Will insert some study time at every end of the day. Motivation boosted.

Jeremy set off to Genting last night and I feel an unknown boredom. No one to text to to tell about everything. Left him numerous whatsapp and hope his hotel provides free wifi access. Which in the case I think not since he hasn't replied the whole day.
Fasterrrrrrr come back.

Absence makes the heart fonder.

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Cha Soba [Oct. 14th, 2012|02:54 am]

Developed a recent crave for Cha Soba and got a cheap and yummy recipe from Mich.


  • Noodles

  • Bonito Thickness Cut Soup

First time trying it out so I only took out a little.

Boiling the noodles. It takes about 10mins to cook the noodles although the packaging said 4~5.

Preparing the ice at the bottom first before taking out the noodles. (Taught by Mich)

Took out the noodles. Stir/flip it till the noodle can be felt cold.

Poured the Thickness soup and stirred it together and TA DAAAA, my first SOBA attempt :)

Very simple recipe and nice imo.

Dance and study tmr, no swaying!

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Thus far [Oct. 11th, 2012|01:14 am]
It's the 4th week of school and I have yet to sit myself down and read through those notes, and which I promised myself that I'll do so this Sunday!
My life is mainly schooling on mon & tues and working from wed to fri now, with dance and tuition in between. Sat tuition has ended so it leaves my weekend more free for Family, Jeremy and studies and some time for me to get enough rest.

Anyway, somehow I can't seem to fit in with the dance club peeps, mainly cuz they've bonded during the dance camp which I didn't participate in and that leaves me a little lonely in class but still passable sometimes.. So I'm only looking forward to Allegra's teaching on weds. Hope there's an opportunity to get to know them then, sighs. Making me miss NRA classes with Qiaoling, kath and the rest. Only learning to cherish the classes now but too late :( 

Had buffet at Trader's Hotel last week, Sakae buffet yesterday with Kaishi and Sukiya buffet today with Jeremy. 3 BUFFETS IN 2 WEEKS. FAT DIE ME and BLISS die me haha!
(No photos becuz eating is alr too satisfying and I'm lazy to tk photos of the food this time oops!)
Ate 4 bowls of Cha soba for sakae and 7 plates of pork slice for Sukiya, YUMMMMS.
I REALLY LOVE SUKIYA'S PORK SLICE!!!! DAEBAK!!!! Makes me feel the food blissssss, exaggerating not. Still feel like eating it now ahhhh. Love the Kimuchi soup base too ^^
And Sukiya is having a promo now for lunch buffets at only $13.90++ 

I would die to have this EVERYDAY. Too bad I don't really have much lunch time to spare during the weekdays to have brunch/high-tea/lunch buffets which are so much cheaper than the dinners and weekends pricing. Oh no I'm feeling hungry now just posting this GASP. 
And then Jeremy tell me that we're not gna have any buffets for the next 1month or rest of the month cuz he's sick of the food alr OOOPS.
BUT I WANTTTT :x Then again, gotta save some money too, food expenses like these kills on a day-by-day basis. 

Can't wait for next tues to visit Smoochiez showroom with Kaishi! Gna get a eye palette and some brushes and have my own make-up rehearsal for the recital. I looked horrible on sun urgh. 
And I am gna make my own cha soba too during this weekend with the buys from daiso :) Super love it after trying Mich's.
Weekend come faster please. Determined to set my studies right during the weekend and start next week with my brain well-nourished ^^

KPOP-SIAO Section:
Not a fan of UKISS but this song is really nice!
The poor rapper gets so little shots on screen and I love the girl back-up dancer who dance solo with the member.
Stop Girl, in the name of love~ :)

Spica's I'll be there.
Was expecting a cooler comeback for them from their previous Russian Roulette and Potently debut. But still growing to love this very catchy songs and love their happy executions and the choreo :) 

Can't insert the embed code here but if you're a SM TOWN fan, you should watch this:
[HD 720p Full] 120930/121001 SMTown World Tour III in Seoul
My love for Super Junior shot up after watching this!! GOSH THEIR SUPERMAN SEHHHHHH IS OMGAWD MAKE ME SO DAMN HIGHHHH NIAAA!
And I was so determined I wna got for their concert in Sg in november but the tics are all sold out alr...... SAD TTM MAN!!!!

And Eunhyuk got the cool charisma when he dances! And the vocal in the middle looks like those guai guai but-when-they-perform-it's-super-cool kind!

I know I super kua zhang haha! That's all for now, blog about my cha soba again :) 

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Nocturnal [Sep. 23rd, 2012|05:12 am]
[Current Location |Singapore, Kampong Chai Chee, Kembangan]

Went to the airport on fri to send dewi off for her flight. Met kj, mich, cx and becks for dinner at Ramen Champion first.
There are 4 stalls inside but all the 4 stalls seem to sell the same ramens, just a-little-different pictures o.o

Ordered this: GOD FIRE Ramen and gyozas

(Taken from Mich's instagram)
Mich and I were both really craving for SPICY ramen and we felt that this was not shiok enough. Ajisen's Volcano ramen is still most exploding (Y)

But their gyozas are really delicious and I forgot to tk a photo so credits to google and cavinteo.blogspot:

My bill totaled up to $21.40 only cuz there's no service charge and the 'claimed to be gst' amount was lesser than the 7% too :) good thing about eating at the airport.

Chanced upon Butter Studio and so we bought cupcakes :D
There was a 6 cupcakes package price so 5 of us got 1 each and kept the 6th for dewi.

The 1 empty slot was dewi's choco milo. There's raspberry velvet, chocolate marshmallow and kitkat choc.

And then kj suddenly told us that Jollibean has this Pudding Soya Beancurd which is not carried by all outlets and considered pretty rare and that T3's Jollibean carries it! Neighbour of Butter Studio coincidentally haha. We went to check it out and they have this Buy 5 get 1 free promo for the beancurd so we got it and gave the free one to dewi haha.

I really love this pudding soya beancurd! Need to find out which other outlet carries it^^

Julia joined us and we went to the departure hall to meet with dewi.
Group Photo :')

And then camwhore among ourselves too haha!

With more at Mich's instagram.
I'll be crediting for all the photos if I keep taking hers haha

And we sent dewi off to UK :')

It feels more sad to send her off this time as compared to lizzy's. I guess it's like more friends are leaving to further their studies and feeling their absence. She's going thr ALONE and hope UK stuffs wont be hard on her :)

Ate our cupcakes before we head home.

Credits: Mich

And TA DAAAAAAA my raspberry velvet cupcake which I LIKE ALOT ALOT!!! Apparently kaishi went to google it and seems like they only have one outlet at T3 :( SADS. Have to come airport just for their cupcakeeeee.

Headed home after and here's to some random stuffs:

Edited effect from an app which I can't rmb but I kinda like the subtle galaxy effect.

Airport fashion.

Night sky on thurs at city hall after finishing dance prac at 11.57pm. It looks almost like dawn isn't it! With no filter too.

Has F1 started on thurs? Maybe it's all the strong lightings lighting up the sky.

My new and current iphone cover:

So much cuteness and positivity :)

Current lockscreen.

Current wallpaper.

And about school, it turned out to be pretty boring in comparison to bridging :o think it's cuz it's mainly theory now.
And I'm so busy now till end of oct :( can only meet jeremy once per week :( i do feel bad :(:(:(

Lastly, take care and all the best for studies in UK. We'll see u in dec for ur short comeback :)

With love.

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(no subject) [Sep. 8th, 2012|11:51 pm]
[Current Location |Singapore, Kampong Chai Chee, Kembangan]

It has been just work, dance, Jeremy and my family for the past 2 weeks. And I finally get to hang out with some friends today!
It was to celebrate a pretty advanced birthday for Clarence and a last meeting together with the guys while dewi is still in Sg. Lunch was at Raindrops cafe @ Scape.

Vintagey napkin.

The army boys:

(oops dewi :/)

Chatted while waiting for our food which took quite some time to come and they only served us the basic ice water aft about 15mins. There was not alot of customers too. But food is nice so still worth it and plus we took the waiting time to chat so it was passable.
And very coincidentally that guozhu is there w zhongting and Irwin!

Anw food was served.
Appetizer: Salmon Tatare

Mains: Mushroom Aglio Olio

And the row of guys that ordered fish & chips tgt haha.

(ooops at jeremy friend eating :/)

Surprise cake-cutting for clarence and just nice andy and fiona were at scape too!
Most of them had to go off after lunch and here we have soldier gabby carrying his HUMONGOUS bagpack walking through the flea:
Poor him, he had to rush back to Pasir ris for guard duty!

Hung out awhile with Clarence and jon before meeting Jeremy after. It's quite entertaining to listen to their stories and some stuffs which I find quite a joke haha. So comfortable and heart-warming to meet them as always ^^

Met Jeremy to watch Step Up Revolution after that.
I thought the Nine Flavours girl would be inside but I didn't see her performing hmms.
Anyway, emily's contemporary dance is so beautiful in the show and love The Mob too! Just too cool and swag~

My favourite part:

Love the remix and the choreo for this!
Think i'll dl and watch it again to appreciate it even more :)

Ate Thai Express for dinner!

Always super full when eating with Jeremy!

And my OOTD:

Jeremy took a very quick snap so it's a little blurrish.

On a no-link note, I will actually be performing in an item of Studio Wu's upcoming recital happening in oct.
Only in 1 item so if whole show 90mins, i only appear 3mins plus nia :/
Still quite new to the studio and am exposing myself to more dance classes :) Hope that I can get to perform more in the future too. Getting old alr so have to grab and cherish the opportunities. Now I really do regret not attending NRA classes consistently before.

If you love dance, do come on down and watch the recital :) If u can spot me in the 3mins plus......... Hahaha

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